rain is natural and it never hurt anybody. you should be happy, water is life and rain is life. rain is so beautiful

The cutest thing my puppy pitt has ever done was… I was playing with him, tickling his stomach and rubbing his neck when he sneezed so soft. All could do was snuggle with him because it was a very special moment.

i like all animals but i mostly love dogs, guinea pigs and um….. every other animal…

I love that the sky changes throughout a 24 hour period, from sunrise to sunset…with the moon & stars, different sky colors, clouds, sun, rain, snow…and the sky seems to go on forever



i accidentally deleted my blog trying to delete a hoarded url so i need people to follow!

reblog if you post:

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Reblog if you post any of the following and i’ll check out your blog:

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Ok so I need more blogs to follow so uh reblog if you post any of the following I guess…:
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If you are: otherkin, nb, an ereri hater or a cishet hater you get an instant follow! Although, if you are: a superwholock or someone who is anti sj I won’t follow you. K bye.

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